Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Week Leading Up To Our Trip

As we draw nearer and nearer to our departure the work load piles higher and higher at home and work. For what ever reason whenever I plan a trip I feel an urgency in the weeks leading up to it to get things done that I have let go for months. I don’t know why I do this to myself, but invariably I do and absolutely exhaust myself.

Every Wednesday Terry comes to the shop to list car parts on line for Rod and he sits in my office to work. It’s always nice to have the company.

 Terry Hard At Work

Just days before we were ready to leave I decided that my ebay room was a mess and I needed Kevin (one of our employees) to organize it for me.There I was being obsessive compulsive again. Kevin is the best organizer I have ever seen. He has a real knack for it and the best part is he does it the way I would if I had the time.

My ebay Room After Kevin Got A Hold Of It!

 My Packing Area

Buster Helps Organize

As usual we will be driving to Houston, only this time we are driving the Landrover so I can pick up the sets of china and dinnerware that I have purchased for my on line business. I have a really good arrangement with Rod’s Dad and when I find a set at a good price, he picks it up for me and stores it until I can get to Houston and pick it up. Rod says we’ll need a trailer to haul back all of the sets.

We will leave Buster in the care of Mom and Dad as we always do and my Mother will drive in to Houston the day before we leave and spend the night with us. Dad will take us to the airport the next day and we will fly into Guayaquil where we will spend the night before Carlos picks us up the next morning.

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