Sunday, December 25, 2011

Feliz Navidad

Madonna and Children

Wishing all of our Family, Friends and Readers a joyous Season and a happy New Year. A Little Christmas music for your enjoyment.

Well this has been a crazy busy Holiday season for us, but more on that later. For now just enjoy the music, photos and the company you are in.

A Rendering of My Very Efficient Kitchen. 

 Making Our New Brick Walls Look Old

 Putting Wood Floors Down In Our Bedroom

 The 2nd Courtyard

 The Stairs At The Front Are Completely Gone

 Our Bedroom With Chanul Wood Floors

Mom And Bob's Fireplace

 The Front Stairs

From The Back Patio Looking Into The Common Kitchen

Bricking The Front Stairs

 Design Work On The Front Stairs

 The Beginning Of My Kitchen Cabinets

 The Beautiful Wood Carlos Picked Out For Our Shelves


We Have Aptly Nicknamed These The Nose Bleed Cabinets

I Will Need A Ladder To Get My Dishes Down

Smoothing Out The Rough Edges

 Making The Arch For The Doorway

Our Bedroom With the New Arched Doorways

I Love My Cabinets So Much Who Cares If I need A Ladder

 Another Rendering Of My Kitchen

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