Monday, September 6, 2010

Returning to Ecuador

This has been a hot summer all over the United States and Alabama is certainly no exception. I have lost a lot of plants on my patio this year, but have decided not to replace them. Lindsay didn’t inherit my green thumb and usually when we leave for an extended period, many of my plants don’t make it.

This trip to Ecuador my Mother will be joining us. Unfortunately Bob has to stay behind for his job and run the ranch. Our mission is to secure another architect and get moving on the roof repairs. Rod had a great idea that we should visit the architectural Institute while in Cuenca and see if they have some sort of referral system for their top students.

We also plan to visit the historical society and secure some referrals from them. Our hope is that our house has been rated by the society in such a way that we will only be required to restore it to its original state 10’ back from the entrance. This would allow us a lot of freedom in choosing an architect and remodeling to our own tastes.

The planning and preparation for our trips gets easier and easier every time and I find myself packing less and less which is a good thing. I no longer worry about the security of our items as our previous trips have proved to be for the most part uneventful and we have had only one minor issue which could have happened just as easily in the States. We have found that a little common sense goes a long way in Ecuador and it is no different than any other place you may visit.

We received an email from Kathy (whom we met on our last trip to Ecuador) and she was throwing a surprise Birthday party for Mick her Husband. We originally thought we could make it, but soon found out that flights to Ecuador were few and far between using our miles. We promised we would take them out while we were in Cuenca and have our own Birthday celebration.

Speaking of Birthdays, it was our friend Deanna’s birthday on the 5th and we celebrated by taking her and her husband Terry out to a favorite restaurant that we all love. We went to Connor’s Steak House and then took in a movie. Lindsay was able to join us, so the girls out numbered the guys and we got to go see a Girly movie. The guys were good sports and didn’t whine to much.

 Rod, Terry, Deanna & Myself

Decadent Birthday Dessert

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