Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rose Petals On Our Robes

 We have finally made it to Cuenca! Once again Carlos drove us through the cloud Forest, but unfortunately this time the clouds where everywhere and the fog was very thick. You couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you. I was disappointed because I wanted Mom to see the beautiful view, but maybe it will be clear on the way back when we return to Guayaquil to catch our flight home.

We arrived at the first of three hotels that we will be staying at while we are in Cuenca. We all agreed this is a hotel that we will always spend at least part of our trip in when we visit Cuenca.

The Mansion Alcazar is a boutique hotel that Carlos had given me a tour of on our last trip, but we did not have the pleasure of staying here. Once we checked in, the staff gave us a tour of the hotel and showed us our rooms. The accommodations are wonderful and the hotel itself is grand.

 The Gardens At The Mansion Alcazar

When we walked in our rooms there were rose petals on our bath robes. Rod decided to put them on himself. We have a gorgeous room with a canopy bed and beautiful antiques. Our room overlooks the garden and every evening there is turn down service. When we return from dinner there is always a present on our pillow or nightstand. The first night we had little packages of chocolate, the second night was little handmade Ecuadorian pins and tonight we had two little glasses of  passion fruit liquor, that was so good I had to buy a bottle to bring home.

 Doesn’t Rod Look Good In Rose Petals?

 After we got settled in we decided to explore the hotel. Mom and I were a bit hungry so we partook of the tea and cookies and proceeded to eat all of the cookies that the hotel had set out.

 Making Myself A Cup Of Tea

A little while later it was time for wine so we headed to the hotel bar and ordered a bottle of wine and made a toast to progress on the property.

Mom & I make A Toast

We decided we were too tired to go out to dinner, so we chose to dine at the hotel restaurant the Casa Alonso. This turned out to be a great decision as the food was first class and very reasonable. Mom had a duck and rissotto dish and Rod and I had a Gorgonzola Filet.

Before the entree’s were brought out we were given a Ceviche that was very good. We then had salads that were delicious. Rod had a Caesar salad and Mom and I had a salad with shaved apples, pecans, feta cheese, prosciutto, mixed greens, and tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette. We both agreed that this was the best salad we had ever had. After the salad course a small plate was brought out with a candied rose petal with a tiny scoop of kiwi Gelato in the center. Rod donated his rose petal to me. He may wear them, but he wasn’t going to eat one.

 Our Fabulous Salad

After dinner we ordered desserts that were as as fabulous as the meal itself. I ordered strawberries soaked in Amaretto and a chocolate shell filled with basil gelato. The combination was delicious.

 My Decadent Dessert

By now we were quite tired and very full. We decided we had better get a good nights sleep as we had a big day ahead of us.

 Cozy Hotel Bar

 One Of The Hotel Dining Rooms

Hotel Beautiful Ceiling & Chandelier 

 Hotel Formal Dining Room 

The Library

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