Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Today is our last day in Cuenca and this afternoon we fly to Quito where we spend our last night in Ecuador and then fly out the next morning to Houston. This has been the trip of a lifetime and I feel so fortunate that I could share it with all of you at home. Isn’t the internet a great thing? We so loved hearing your comments and had just as much fun reading them as we hope you had reading our posts. At times it was almost impossible to keep up with the blog as our days and  many nights were filled with adventure leaving me very little time to write.

I stole away in late hours of the night and early morning hours to try and capture as many memories as possible and put them to cyber paper. There were so many things said and done that there was no way possible to record each and every experience, but it is my hope that I was a able to deliver a detailed synopsis of our trip. The story may or may not end here, but either way we have taken away a lifetime of memories that we will never forget.

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