Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Last Day In Cuenca

Monday morning it was off to view more real estate and take in more sights of the city. Since we no longer have a driver we are on our own to explore as we please. Every day we set off on foot or via taxi and just go where we wish, most of the time with no direction in mind. Bob is our leader as he is very good with a map, without him I’m afraid we would be hopelessly lost. We all decided one essential piece of equipment that one needs in a strange city is a compass and we will be bringing one next time.

We toured the city on Monday once again scouting out real estate, but came home disappointed. We had decided to focus on the historical downtown area, but the properties we viewed were to pricey. We sat down and talked to Juan (our property person) that afternoon and expressed our disappointment, but told him that we were still be interested in the ruin. Juan explained to us that the real estate in Ecuador is different from the U.S. and a lot of times people set their prices just by pulling them out of their hat so to speak and to not give up. We agreed to look at some more properties in the morning before we had to get to the airport and left it at that.

Tuesday morning proved to be quite eventful. We started by looking at the ruin one last time with two architects to get their opinion. A lot of work and restoration would be needed and I think looking at it this last time overwhelmed us a bit. Juan wanted to show us one last property that had just come on the market so we walked several blocks down the street and arrived at the building. The real estate agent that was showing the property opened the doors and we all stepped in and gasped.

This property made the ruin look like a dump (I know the ruin was a dump, but we saw potential). The property we were looking at now had tons of potential, lots of light and a lot less work for not much more money. An Arch Bishop had lived in this property and the house had been blessed, what more could you ask for? there was even a chapel on the roof. The location was excellent, right in the middle of the historic center and one block from the river. We were all so excited, even the architect was bubbling with ideas. Mom and Bob asked Rod to handle the beginning negotiations since they had to head back to Santa Fe. Rod is the NEGOTIATOR and better at keeping his feelings out of the mix, unlike Mom and myself who have already restored the property and furnished it in our minds.

The Potential Garden

The Front Courtyard

The House Is Built Around The Courtyard

One Of The Many Beautiful Ceilings

Sitting Area

One Of The Kitchens

The Chapel Upstairs

Staircase Leading To The Roof

Entrance Of Tumbled Marble On The Floors

View Of The Blue Domes From The Roof

If  property is purchased in Cuenca that will be a whole blog in itself and should prove to be very exciting. Stay tuned for updates.

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