Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Tipico Dia en la Calle

A typical day on the street, that is the title of this weeks entry. I decided I had better start practicing my Spanish, especially after last Saturday. Carlos had a tour that weekend, so Mom Rod and I were left to our own devices. I thought that my phone battery had gone dead, so the first order of business was to find someone that could replace my battery. After two taxi rides and using the best Spanish I could, but to no avail, I finally became highly frustrated. Especially when I realized I had asked for a car battery instead of a phone battery at one of the stores. Luckily my phone decided to repair itself saving me any further frustration.

Friday afternoon we were at the house doing our typical daily routine of inspections, meeting with contractors and expressing our visions to the architect. The house is so dusty and dirty these days that you have to step out to the front balconies or the roof frequently just to catch a breath of fresh air.

On one of these such breaks, I decided to snap a series of photos depicting the daily life of our street below. Friday was the perfect day to accomplish this as the day was beautiful and the street was quite busy with activity.

COne Of The Many Street Sweepers Who Diligently Keep Our Streets And Sidewalks Clean

The Workers Unloading A Delivery Of Stone For our House

Our Resident “Lady Of The Evening” Or In This Case “Lady Of The Day”

Looks Like She Got Herself A Customer

Mom & I Have Nicknamed This Dog “Naughty Dog”. He Is Always Escaping From His Owners And Running The Street. When The Children Try To Retrieve Him, He Barks As He Runs From Them. He Is So Matted It Looks Like The Street Sweeper Could Use Him To Clean The Streets

Traffic At The End Of Our Street Near The Market

A Lady Doing Some Shopping. There Is An Abundance Of Little Shops That Sell Toilet Paper

The School Children Headed Home

A Little Boy Rides His Toy Fire Truck While Mom Locks Up The Store For Siesta

Two Shop Or Restaurant Employees Walking With Their Aprons On

A Neighbor People Watching From Her Balcony

A Hard Working Indigenous Woman

Another Indigenous Woman in Her Brightly Colored Skirt Carrying Her Goods On Her Back

A Large Tour Group Of What Looked To Be Americans

Two School Children Enjoying A Snack On The Way Home

There has been a major change in the plans now. Mom and I are departing Cuenca leaving Rod behind for an additional five weeks. Unfortunately my computer has to stay with Rod so that he can continue to stay in contact with the businesses and us. Blogging during this time will be a challenge if not impossible without my computer, but please stay with us as the stories promise to be good and the wait will be worth it.

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