Friday, November 12, 2010

Stop This Ride,We Want Off!

It has been a while since I have had a chance to put an entry into our blog and I literally had to steal away to our local Apple Store where I sign up for personal projects, just so I could get some writing done. The personal projects last for two hours and are more or less like a study hall. You work on whatever project you like and there is always an associate nearby to help with any questions you may have. You work at a wooden table and sit on a hard wooden stool with no back. I can’t imagine a better motivator to get some writing done.

It has been a busy, more like crazy last couple of weeks and lately our lives have been akin to some wild carnival ride. The kind that spins you round and round and then flips you upside down until you’re ready to scream “Uncle.” Rod has been busy trying to get the second location up and running, while I am doing my best to hold down the fort at the first location. And my Mom is still busy with her kitchen redo at the ranch in Texas. I personally think we all have A.A.D.D. (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder). I don’t know if any of us would know how to act if we didn’t have our plates absolutely full and spilling over the sides. I would however like to try a bread and butter plate on for size as opposed to a dinner plate.

Rod’s mom and dad are still with us and Dad goes to the shop in Decatur everyday and acts as Commander in Chief, telling Kevin how to run wiring, install ringers in the office and the bays, and reset the timer on the lights for the pole sign. When Dad is not instructing, he plays Gopher and makes countless trips to Lowes and Home Depot picking up odds and ends. Mom on the other hand is my angel at home. I come home to clean laundry every night and dishes put away from the dishwasher. This is a real treat for me.

The Front Of Our Second Location

Our Sign

The Bays All Cleaned Up

A couple of weekends ago Rod’s mom and I decided to take a drive to the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro. We had originally planned to go to Franklin Tennessee, but decided to opt for Scottsboro instead. I had never been to the Unclaimed Baggage Center and thought it would be fun. We were hoping the leaves had started to change to make drive even more enjoyable.

Unclaimed Baggage Center

When we walked through the front doors we were literally overwhelmed. The place was huge and looked more like a mall than the small store I had expected. There was even a cafe to eat at. All of the merchandise was organized neatly and the clothes were even sorted by color. Mom and I spent some time browsing, but in the end neither one of us walked out with a thing. It was just fun to touch and feel as Mom says and marvel at the things that people have lost on the airlines and never claimed.

I saw a several pairs of brand new designer shoes that were priced in the three digit range. I thought to myself if I had lost a pair of expensive designer shoes on an airline, you had better believe I would be at the airport every day hounding the lost and found counter until I got my shoes back.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and on the way back to Huntsville we stopped for lunch. About half way home we spotted the most beautiful tree, the leaves had already changed to a brilliant red. On the way to Scottsboro all we kept saying is how the leaves were just beginning to change color, but it wasn’t the show we were hoping for. Here stood this tree all by itself, while all the surrounding trees around it were still wearing their green leaves.

Mother Nature In All Her Glory.

On top of everything else it has been a mad rush to get ready for the Holiday selling season on ebay. I have been listing as much as possible and last weekend I sold a set of beautiful dishes to someone in Georgia. My goal for the last month or so has been 300 listings and I finally hit 320 a couple of days ago.

Rod has been so busy with the new location that he hasn’t had a chance to get his car parts listed and it’s driving him crazy. Now that the second location is open, hopefully things will ease up a bit and we can concentrate on other things. We are definitely moving into our slow season for the Garage business and it is time to switch gears and get busy with the online selling to help pay for the renovations in Ecuador.

This is one of those beautiful plates that went to Georgia
Visit My ebay Store

Meanwhile the roof and wall repairs continue in Ecuador and Sebastian sends us photos on a regular basis. Apparently the weather has been really cooperative and has allowed the workers to continue to make progress.

Lately my thoughts have been more and more focused on Ecuador. Probably the craziness of our lives at this moment has left me longing for a more quiet peaceful life. Until then we have to keep reminding ourselves that all the hard work we are putting in now is to afford us the opportunity to make the move to Cuenca, the place we will eventually call Home.


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